Smart Integrated Contacless POS

Voice ordering for restaurants uses AI to take orders by phone, drive-thru, app, or web and send them to your POS system. Learn more.

  • Real-time changes
  • No mobile app required
  • Analytics included

Check out an example

Simply scan the following QR code with your phone.

Your store menu up and running without screen!

  • 1.
    Create & configure your store
  • 2.
    Print your store QR code
  • 3.
    Display the QR at your store
Performant store pages

Fast, lightweight & minimal

All your stores get a nice looking & lightweight design at fast speeds.


Ready to go analytics

All your stores get proper analytics, day by day.

Item variations

Item extras, options & variants

Easily build the perfect item combinations.

Get started

Easily manage all your store menus online and share them via QR.